What is the Company's stock symbol?

Texas Roadhouse stock is traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol TXRH.

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When does Texas Roadhouse's fiscal year end?

We operate on a fiscal year that ends on the last Tuesday in December. Fiscal years 2015, 2014, 2012, 2011 and 2010 were 52 weeks in length, while the quarters for those years were 13 weeks in length. Fiscal year 2013 was 53 weeks in length, and, as such, the fourth quarter of fiscal 2013 was 14 weeks in length.

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When does the Company announce its quarterly earnings?

Texas Roadhouse announces quarterly earnings in May, August, November, and February.

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How do I purchase stock in Texas Roadhouse?

You need to contact a licensed securities dealer or broker to purchase shares.

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How do I change my address on my stock certificate?

Computershare Internet inquiries: www-us.computershare.com/investor/Contact

Telephone inquiries: (877) 581-5548

By Regular Mail:

P.O. Box 505000
Louisville, KY 40233-5000

By Overnight Delivery:

462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600
Louisville, KY 40202

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Does Texas Roadhouse have a Direct Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)?

Texas Roadhouse does not currently participate in a Direct Reinvestment Plan.

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